In the Media - The Beauty & Skincare Products These Celebs Couldn’t Put Down While Pregnant. Read more

Motherly Magazine - I tried Meghan Markle's favorite stretch mark oil...Trust me when i say this: It's worth it." Read more

Meghan Markle - "Brilliant at keeping pregnant skin supple!" - Meghan Markle on her use of Avishi Organics' Intensive Stretch Mark Oil, as according to

My Beauty Bunny - " The Sanskriti Wellness Wash is my favorite. It has a blend of oils and Ayurvedic botanical extracts mixed into a castile and soapnuts base. When you apply it to your skin, it doesn’t feel oily, and it rinses clean. But after you’re done rinsing, you’ll notice that your skin feels hydrated – almost as if you’ve just put on lotion. My hands and body are constantly dry, so I really like this one." Read more.

My Life: A Work In Progress – “When [the Intensive Baby Balm] first arrived, I thought it was just for diaper rash, but then I read a testimonial on their website where a mother said she used it with success on her child’s eczema. So I started to use the balm for that instead, and it works!…the dry patch is soooo close to being completely gone and the balm definitely keeps the skin from getting worse.” Read More.

A Nation of Moms – “The Intensive Baby Balm has offered good nighttime relief.  It seems to calm my daughter’s skin where we apply it, usually on the backs of her knees, insides of the elbows, and upper back.  It has a little bit of an oily feel to it, which I think helps it to coat the skin well especially when applied right after a bath.  Usually the itching begins right after a bath, and this helps to soothe and moisturize skin. This product has a light, natural scent.” Read More.

Peace Love Organic Mom  – “I was able to try Avishi Organics Intensive Stretch Mark Oil and Intensive Baby Balm and was very impressed by both products." Read More.

The Bragging Mommy   Intensive Baby Balm - “The red spots on his[my husband's] chest are getting lighter with each use, so it’s definitely working! It’s not just for babies in our household!!." Intensive Stretch Mark Oil - "For any pregnant momma’s out there that want to keep stretch marks at bay….I would highly recommend getting some Intensive Stretch Mark Oil. "Read More.

The Pistachio Project  – “When I was contacted by Avishi Organics to try out their oil, I was skeptical to say the least…I have noticed a difference! I was in shock. I really did not think I’d be able to see any change but even my husband thinks the stretch marks have disappeared a bit.” Read More.

Little BGCG  – “At 20 weeks pregnant I have managed to not get any stretch marks so far despite the fact that I started this pregnancy off bigger than i was in any other pregnancy and have gained at about the same rate." Read More.

The Artful Mama  – “The scars that I had from my first pregnancy had returned to a darker purplish color during this pregnancy and the oil was able to lighten that color. After the baby was born, I noticed that I did not experience the same creping that I had with the first birth and that my skin had more elasticity to it. The scars were flatter and lighter in color.” Read More.

The Amazing American Adventures of Hazel and Bobby – “The smell is just heavenly and just makes my brain think that I am in a luxury spa having a rather decadent and relaxing full body massage, even while my toddler is running around screaming with a diaper full of poop!” Read more.

Manic Mrs. Stone - “I have been using this stuff since February and I absolutely love it.  It worked wonders on my itchy belly in my last stretch of pregnancy.  It was also a very important factor in my home birth experience.  During the really tough contractions I had my doula and my husband alternate rubbing this oil into my lower back.  It warmed my back and smelled very relaxing to me.  Tyler actually started cracking up when I started whining for him to go get my "Avishi oil" right. freaking. now.” Read more

Arizona Mama - “ I do feel that [Avishi Organics’ Intensive Repair Oil] has helped to relieve some of the belly itch and smooth my skin.” Read more.

Stand and Deliver - “I have discovered that this oil is fantastic for moisturizing. My skin gets so dry during the winter, and the oil definitely earns its title "intensive." One drop is enough to treat both hands. The oil absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. And I love how it smells: overtones of lavender with hints of rosemary. Every drop in the Intensive Repair Oil originated from a living plant. The ingredient label reads like a botany textbook…” Read more

Momma Knows Best - “I’ve been using it for about 4 weeks now and obviously that’s not enough time to see much change, but I do notice a difference so far! One thing I really love about this oil is that it’s not diluted by unnecessary fillers, like mineral oil, which is a common ingredient in many of the other skincare products because it brings down the price.  I love how it feels when I’m applying it. It’s an oil but it doesn’t feel oily, and I like that.” Read more

Manic Mrs. Stone - “I received my bottle of Avishi Organics oil in the mail several days ago and have been using it twice a day since then.  the itching and burning on my skin has completely disappeared and the oil smells amazing.” Read more

Modern Alternative Mama – “[Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil] absorbs very well and quickly and doesn’t leave any greasiness whatsoever on the hands or skin…The fact that it absorbs so well, though, shows that it can affect the skin on deeper levels. The oil smells nice and has no additives and I have enjoyed using it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the results will be in a few months!” Read more